Pampering Gifts For Women

Pampering Gifts For Women Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas to pamper the women in your life?  Check out our list of recommendations for great gift ideas.  This post contains affiliate links.

#1 Body Scrubs

Lychee Fruit and Sweet Almond Oil Scrub

Deep cleansing scrub

Gentle Exfoliating Body Scrub

#2 Body Brushes

Smooth the skin and pamper away the stress with this body brush.

pampering gift ideas for women exfoliator

Body brush and exfoliating system.

#3 Essential Oils and Diffuser


Package of relaxing and pain reducing oils to breathe the stress away.

Decorative diffuser to turn any home into a zen like environment.

#3 Neck and Back Pain Reduction

This shiatsu massage with heat is a perfect way to end the day and massage away the neck tension.

Neck wraps to make travelling cozy and reduce neck stress at home.

#4 Pampering Gift Sets

Pure Pear extract gift set.


Beautiful package of bath bombs to help turn her bath into a spa.


#5 Improve Quality Of Sleep With Sleep Mask and Sound Machine

Sleep mask made from bamboo and cotton.

Sound machine for white noise for sleep.

#6 Meal Planning, Recipe Organization and Shopping List Generator

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

#7 Chair Massage For A Group Of Women

detroit onsite chair massage for events




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